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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

Services We Offer

ThinkSonic Media offers a large range of services and marketing strategies to help you put your business out into the market. Ranging from logo design to web design, we can help you build your business identity, design marketing pieces around your current brand, and much more. Every brand needs to put forward a message, our services will help you voice this message to your customers.  We use different media to give your business large or small a true identity. Through print, web and video we can get your companies message out.


web developmentWeb Design

Having a professional website will mean extra business. A clean website will make you look instantly reputable. Great design can prompt someone to pick up the phone and call you, send you an email, or walk into your office to meet. A well-laid-out, easy-to-navigate website will always be more effective than one that's cluttered and overloaded with information. With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly more popular forms to browse the web, these days it is important that your website is responsive and can transition between a desktop browser to a smartphone. ThinkSonic can build websites for any kind of business consistent with your brand to give you an edge over your competition.


While we always try to make our sites look good there is quite a bit more that goes into building a successful website. We follow all of the industry standards that will not only make your site look good, they also will help potential clients find your site with some of our different search engine optimization techniques. Search engines like Google have different standards they hold web developers to, to keep the internet secure and efficient. The more these guidlines are followed, the more successful your site will be.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Designing your site is just the begining. Every website is going to need a domain name and hosting space to store it. These are services we offer at reasonable prices to all of our clients. Our grid hosting system is designed to support your site when you need it most, When our systems see large increases of traffic on your site, your database will automatically shift to an independent container that handles the load smoothly.

print marketing  Print Design

Your printed marketing materials need to align with the established brand identity and remain consistent from one piece to the next. They need to expound upon what you do and how you do it better than anyone else in your industry. Most of all, they need to be unique to your company and stand out from your competition.

A companies logo is the biggest graphical representation of its brand. We can work with you on building a logo that will help you set your business apart.

Business Cards

When meeting your potential clients your business card gives the first impression of what your business is about. A great business card will stay in your prospects memory and can be the difference between a new customer or someone who will turn to someone else.

Stationary Design

Letterheads, envelopes and other forms are all extensions of your brand. We can help create unique stationary to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers.

Brochure Design

Brochures are a great way to display different products and services. This can range from small try-fold to large booklets. We are capable of working with you in creating these pieces to display to your customers.

Flyer Design

Flyers are an effective way to promote specific events such as sales, meetings and conferences. This is a great tangible item to use in marketing your business.

printerdesigning with a tabletbusiness cards

video production  Video Design

Business video content is thriving more than ever before.. With massive studies done by the likes of Wistia, YouTube, and Ooyala on video engagement, and with video projected to take up over 90 percent of the online content pie within the next decade, it’s hardly surprising that businesses are scrambling to keep up with these projections. Nowadays, your own persona is as important, maybe even more so, than the consistent visual and other identifications we all associate with a brand, like logo, color and messaging. Potential clients want to know who is behind the brand-and quickly. Video is a great medium to help make them feel comfortable quickly and want to do business with you.





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